Drone Video for Luxury Real Estate

Drone images and video have without a doubt changed the game in showcasing luxury real estate. It has become the modern way of capturing luxury real estate in today’s market and has the ability to get aerial images and video like never before. It truly tells the story of the property in a way that a static image just can’t. Professional “drone cinematographers” are in high demand, capturing high end real estate property in high end locations.

We were so excited a few months ago when our video for our listing at 4847 Rim Road here in Santa Barbara, CA won an award on Placester.com’s list of the top 10 Most Stunning Real Estate Listing Videos of 2015. The same video is now generating even more buzz for San Francisco-based drone cinematographer Douglas Thron, who was just featured in Digital Journal’s article, “Drone photography is upping the real estate game dramatically.”

Thron tells Digital Journal, “My videos are like mini- movies…I start with an intro that showcases the entire area so that potential buyers can get a complete idea of the community and natural surroundings before zooming into the home and detailing the interior.”

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 1.39.15 PM

Having an interested buyer be able to see every inch of a property is very appealing, and having an agent who knows the value of drone video is becoming even more sought after. Please contact us today and check out our current listings and our other drone property videos!


Kellie & Randy

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