Where to See The Meteor Shower in Santa Barbara

The offspring of Hailey’s Comet are about to put on quite a show in the skies of Culver City. Earth will pass through a stream of debris from Halley’s Comet, which will give us the benefit of the annual Orionids meteor shower. The shower should be at its peak the night of Saturday, Oct. 20, until just before dawn on Oct. 21.  Santa Barbara County residents should check out Camino Cielo water tower or  head over to Telescopes for Carpinteria State Beach event, just to the right before the main entrance, across from the ranger station. Orionid meteor shower peaks at 9 PM. So what makes this shower so cool? First of all, c’mon—it’s a show of shooting stars. With the second-fastest entry velocity of all the annual meteor showers, meteors from the Orionids produce yellow and green colors and occasionally produce an odd fireball.

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