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Offering a timeless lifestyle of unmatched beauty and effortless elegance, Montecito is truly in a league of its own. Boasting some of the most impressive and expensive real estate in the world, Montecito is an exclusive community a few miles west of Santa Barbara and has been a premier destination for celebrities and those fortunate enough to call this hidden gem their home. Montecito consists of two “villages,” the upper village, which runs along East Valley Road and is home to desirable restaurants and local boutiques as well as two private golf courses, and hidden neighborhoods boasting true grandiose estates. Lower Village consists of Coast Village Road, Montecito’s real “main road” and “downtown” area. Coast Village Road has world class shopping in unassuming local boutiques, coveted restaurants, and runs almost parallel to the coast. Butterfly Beach, Montecito’s main beach, is truly beautiful and is the home to the Four Seasons The Biltmore Resort and The famed Coral Casino Beach and Cabana Club. Montecito is known for its homes and sprawling estates that run into the high millions. With three golf courses, country clubs, and two of the most sought after public schools, Montecito also has and many of the best private schools in the area as well as Westmont College, a smaller liberal arts college. Most Montecito residents don’t feel the need to have to leave their small town, as both villages have everything one would need, but when they do, they are just a few minutes away from downtown Santa Barbara.

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Montecito is an unincorporated census-designated place in Santa Barbara County, California. It contains two small separate school districts for two public elementary schools. For more info, please check here, and here.
For private school information in Montecito, please look here.